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Welcome to Wehab, a specialized clinic dedicated to women’s health in the field of physiotherapy. At Wehab, we understand and cater to the unique needs of women, recognizing that their activity levels and stress factors differ from men. Our tailored strengthening programs aim to address specific concerns such as menopause, cystocele, retrocele, osteoarthritis, and low bone strength. With a focus on empowering and enhancing the wellbeing of women, our experienced team is committed to providing personalized care and support. Trust Wehab to be your partner in holistic health and wellness, where women’s health takes center stage


Hello! Strengthening exercises are beneficial for everyone, including women. There are several reasons why women should incorporate strengthening exercises into their fitness routine:

1. Bone health: Strength training can help prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density and reducing the risk of fractures.

2. Muscle tone: Strengthening exercises help women build and maintain muscle mass, which can improve overall body composition and increase metabolism.

3. Injury prevention: Strong muscles provide better support for joints and can help prevent injuries during physical activities.

4. Functional strength: Building strength can make daily tasks easier and improve overall physical performance.

5. Hormonal health: Strength training can help regulate hormone levels, including estrogen, which is particularly important for women’s health.

6. Confidence and empowerment: Engaging in strength training can boost self-confidence and empower women to feel strong and capable in their bodies.

It’s important for women to engage in a variety of physical activities, including both cardiovascular and strengthening exercises, to promote overall health and well-being. Always consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert before starting any new exercise program.

Recovering from women health reconstruction is complex.

Having a physical therapist that specializes in women health  is equally as important as a surgeon who specializes.
Providing the HIGHEST level of Women Health in the Wehab



Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna
Wehab is the best sports rehab center. I have undergone rehab after my bilateral ACL reconstruction surgery. Dr. Sunil is expert for ACL rehab and his team is also very supportive.
Mani Mani 725
Mani Mani 725
Dr Sunil is best in the city, his team of physios are very friendly with knowledge. For any pain he's the best. I was suffering with my back pain since very long time, with his expertise am completely recovered Thank you wehab
Dr. Sunil is very friendly and humane. He goes above and beyond to fix your problems. I went for spine disc bulge issue, he fixed within 6 sessions. Even though the exercises are painful, it will help you recover from the pain soon.
Yuva Chandraa
Yuva Chandraa
Mine is a complex case and was looking for a physio in Hyderabad who can think ahead of conventional / age old methods for sports injuries and was feeling hopeless . But when I met Mr Sunil , I understood I'm at the right place.. . He shows great care and attention to detail , Apart from motivating the patients which is very very important. If I get to know anyone suffering from any injury / pain.. I simply say.. go and meet Mr sunil and you will be pain free.. such is my confidence.. Also thumbs up for the great ambience at the clinic 👍
Sooryah Prakash
Sooryah Prakash
Had a great experience with Dr.Sunil at WEHAB Clinic. He understands the problem and looks deep into the root cause and based on tht he treats us with utmost care.Besides treatment he guides us to follow some daily activities,Life style changes which will make our physique more flexible. One more strong reason behind recommending Dr.Sunil to everyone is his Friendly Nature and Superb cool attitude which makes us to think that we are under the care of a FRIEND rather than a Doctor. WEHAB clinic has so much of positive Vibe in its atmosphere with Very hygienic facilities and also Very dedicated & Responsive Team. Definitely,WEHAB will be the ONE-STOP SOLUTION for every fitness related issue!! Thanks Dr. SUNIL & Team WEHAB