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10 things I learnt about Acl rehab with Dr K Sunil Mohan Raju

  1. Understanding ACL Rehab: Dr. K Sunil Mohan Raju is a specialist in ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) rehabilitation, a crucial process for patients who have experienced an ACL injury or undergone ACL reconstruction surgery.
  2. Importance of Early Intervention: Early intervention in ACL rehab is vital to minimize the risk of further injury and promote faster recovery.
  3. Customized Rehabilitation Plans: Dr. Raju emphasizes the significance of tailoring rehabilitation plans according to each patient’s unique needs, considering factors such as age, fitness level, and injury severity.
  4. Phases of ACL Rehab: ACL rehabilitation typically consists of four phases: acute, restoration, strengthening, and return to sport. Each phase focuses on specific goals and exercises to gradually restore function and strength.
  5. Weight-Bearing Exercises: In the restoration phase, weight-bearing exercises play a crucial role in improving knee stability and overall strength.
  6. Proprioceptive Training: To prevent future injuries, Dr. Raju highlights the importance of proprioceptive training, which helps patients regain their sense of body position and movement control.
  7. Gradual Return to Sport: Patients should follow a structured and gradual progression in returning to their sport or physical activities to minimize the risk of recurring injuries.
  8. Regular Monitoring and Adjustments: Dr. Raju stresses the need for regular monitoring and adjustments to the rehabilitation plan to ensure optimal progress and prevent setbacks.
  9. Role of Mental Health: ACL rehab also involves addressing the psychological aspects of injury recovery, such as managing anxiety, depression, and maintaining motivation.
  10. Expertise and Experience: With over 100 successful ACL rehab cases without any recurrence injuries, Dr. K Sunil Mohan Raju demonstrates a high level of expertise and dedication to his patients’ well-being.

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